Secret Pop

Dec 4, 2002

"You turned my nighttime into day."

I was listening to an old favorite from the 80s section of my musical memoirs, and I came across that popular metaphor of a perfect love coming in and turning all the lights on or turning night into day. I don't think I'm looking for someone to do that. I think I'm more interested in finding someone who's willing to sit quietly in the dark with me. You can see more stars that way. And all your other senses get heightened when you can't see. For instance, your sense of irony. Your sense of failure. Your sense of impending doom. Ask any blind person.

Speaking of which, my younger sister was laughing as she told me of a discussion she had with her boyfriend about why you never see Stevie Wonder's home on MTV's "Cribs". I would tell you what was so funny, but I find it too embarrassing.

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