Secret Pop

Dec 1, 2002

"There are millions of us!"

I looked like a girl who had only had three hours of sleep today, but I performed like one who'd had at least four.

I think I was actually envious of the sign outside Mr. Cecil's. The one that reads, "Plates of meat to dream about." The first time I saw that sign was in October of last year, when I was a newcomer to this area code. I might even have poutily thought, "Hey. I'm a plate of meat to dream about, too." I am reduced to competing with advertising signage. There is something not so grand about that.

The big squeezy tube of toothpaste outside of Katz Dentistry taunted me with its voluptuous curves and suggestive creases, too. What is it with this town? Can't a girl feel attractive anymore? I'll wager that toothpaste tube has had work done.

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