Secret Pop

Dec 12, 2002

Finally. Largo.

At last, I've seen Nick Swardson in person. And Louie Anderson. And Patton Oswalt. And Dana Gould. And Liz Winstead. And Laura Kightlinger. And Sean Cullen. Quite a line-up for a $5 cover. I was glad of it.

The next few days are going to be gruesome with obligations and schedule cramming. I am already worn down to nearly the quick with the consumptive forces of this past month. I look tired. And that's not just my way of asking for a compliment. I look tired. And I can barely straighten up from the pains in my neck and shoulders and back. I picture elves sneaking into my bedroom after I've gone to sleep -- oh, say, around 6 A.M. -- and clubbing my back with tiny elf bludgeons. It's the only reasonable explanation I can surmise.

The continuity errors alone...

Fact: It is very common for me to mistype my name at the close of an email. I regularly type "Maru" instead of "Mary." In Japanese, "maru" means "zero."

The one that follows serves no purpose. It's for posterity.

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