Secret Pop

Dec 3, 2002

Gush Test

Curses. I forgot what I was going to write. And I should have had that glass of wine after all. And I should have watched The Royal Tenenbaums a long time ago. I should have done more with the time. There are too many days I can't remember at all. Blurred into the background like brushstrokes that become sky or cloud or tree. I wanted them all to count.

I opened up some nice new sateen sheets. I have another set of the same pattern that has been in use for a few years. They reminded me of my old apartment in San Diego. I remember opening that first package and smoothing the sheets down on my bed. There's a universal rule for you. Wherever you go, you will always change your sheets. But if you're me, you'll remember that the last time you put these sheets down, it was a Thursday. In the year 2000. In November. And you won't tell anyone, because they will think you're a freak.

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