Secret Pop

Dec 25, 2002

"Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra."

I am deep into my A Christmas Story marathon. It's welcome and familiar. I will leave it on in my bedroom through the night. I will wake drowsily from time to time and catch bits of it. Just like last year. And then the festivities will be upon me and who knows where that will lead. I have celebrated this holiday in many different ways over the years. The memories that linger are precious. Even the ones that provoke feelings of sorrow. And I can tell the years apart by what I wore. Last year, it was snug red sailor pants and a sparkly black turtleneck. I haven't decided what it will be this year. But red and black would certainly not surprise me.

I have wrapping to do. And more film to watch. Chuck a coin in the fountain for me. I have no wish to be forlorn.

We Chinese can pronounce our L's just fine, as it happens.

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