Secret Pop

Dec 27, 2002

stream of holiday consciousness

retire the red sweater road rage smile like you mean it walk the dog peel a squash sparkly glasses merlot my dog skip a christmas story something about places to visit in the holy land about schmidt more abba gold greasy popcorn m and m peanut butter inferior to the reese piece candles records pajama pants the street where you live a swanky lamp its smiling at me oh mary you are my daughter lots of pictures but not enough by a long shot coffee scented candles and the money they save you sleeveless medium rare lychee a couch for dozing cold feet knee socks the right gift the wrong tag bows that stick not so well christmas thief strikes twice wine makes my cheeks feel pink why so nervous not where i used to be the old days more presents to wrap no one is ever forgotten no one ever uses an ice cream maker save money shop after christmas sleep in but get dressed in a hurry coconut macaroons sitting cross legged a long drive a country road a wagon farm a fake horse a failed attempt a warm reception an expected silence a surprising absence of melancholy

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