Secret Pop

Dec 23, 2002

Accidental Onion

I spent much of the day nearly asleep in my car. Willing my eyelids open. Singing songs I've sung so many times in recent drives that I've grown to hate them. I drove nearly 400 miles today. And always with a purpose. I far prefer driving with no plans at all. But that's rare for me. I like when you don't care when you get there. But you know something pleasant is waiting for you.

Today didn't turn out as it was written. A lot of artistic license was taken with the script. But I'm through it. To a point. And I will finish my shopping and wrapping tomorrow. Frantic and harried, like all procrastinators. I already got several perfect gifts. Anything that shows up on Christmas morning will just be icing.

My quality control method for determining if fast food denizens have managed to omit the onion from my sandwich is to bite in and find out with my mouth. I think this is a bad protocol and should be rethought forthwith. Ptooey.

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