Secret Pop

Dec 3, 2002

The Attic
A few months ago, I started making a list of the top threats to the Bush Presidency. At the top of the list was Lil Bow Wow. I never made it to Item Two.
This was just one of many, many things lurking in my Drafts Folder, dating back moons upon moons. Amongst what follows are pieces of poetry, pieces of emails I wrote, pieces of emails I never sent, pieces of emails I got, pieces of sketch ideas, things I thought might one day be funny, something my little sister said, ideas for names for a fictitious brand of coffee, and a quote from The Onion. Make sense of what you can. There will be no points awarded.
That's life, then. Choices. Regrets. Risks taken. Chances passed over. Wondering if there is truth or contentment to be found. Hoping to avoid feeling a fool at all costs. Learning that all that is in the world is not of my doing. And cannot be. I'm only telling you this because my judgment is impaired by alcohol and the rain. Pain-free baldness solution? Tell me more! More than one would hope or expect In times that smack of tragedy When life and love seem distant and foreign Lived by others I make room for error I clear out space for failure I make more of my time than most Want want want My last email was a lie. subtext! subtext! subtext! Did I ever tell you that I wondered recently if I have somehow become psychic? I give up For better or for worse, I think that I surrender now to all that vanquishes me. Meekly do I bow my head. Meekly accepting all that is and is not so. Benign resignation is my color. It is flat and lifeless. Dull. It lacks sheen. long and short that you are long and I am short that I am long on love for you and you are short on patience Who ever said rain was gloomy? Who ever heard those delicate droplets, pinging against glass or tin or wood or soil and thought, "What a shame. I was happy only a moment ago." kiss sweet and lovely laced with longing gentle and generous i feel safe here kiss choose rhapsody delphian satiate scintillate Kevin Kinklesworth is going to Kalamazoo. Visit your local mall for such upscale toy stores as Wooden Toys Your Kids Will Hate and Professor Asshole Q. Boredom's Lame-U-Cational Cocksuckery. I have syndrome. Solomon Burke has 21 children. And ten of them are grandchildren because he had them with two of his daughters. I wonder if I put all this here because I was tired of looking at all of those pictures of my head. Scroll down, if you must.

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