Secret Pop

Feb 8, 2002

Time management and morning drinks

Today, I decided not to compromise. I decided to go ahead and schedule two obligations in the evening and to make it to both of them, and I'm glad I did. From a smoothie and fries with a cool girl who wears excellent glasses and has the best voice to a trip down to Hermosa Beach for a lame-ish Valentine's event that I am glad I attended -- if only for charity. What a jam-packed evening it has been. I am tired, drained, a little liquored up. And I had to defend my choice of a bloody mary at the bar, having been told that it's really a morning drink. I said, "It's morning somewhere." And that was the end of that. The sticker on my back read "Pamela Anderson." Make sense of that if you can.

Making the most of one's time can be a taxing affair.

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