Secret Pop

Feb 2, 2002

Ooh, it's all sticky, isn't it?

Josh took me to the launch of this club called Red. Cool rave scene. We danced for hours. I needed that. And I'm glad I called him. I'm still putting on the mask of the brave little soldier, but I'm not thinking about it as much when there's music to dance to and lasers to look at and overpriced drinks to swill. And I've still got my orange V.I.P. wristband and everything. It's nice, every now and then, to feel like the girl who's got the hook-up.

I might have just stayed home tonight. I was really beginning to enjoy what portion of the Nickelodeon programming I caught before I got Josh's call. And I was working on things in my head. But I was drained from the week and was primed for distraction. I'm glad I didn't find a reason to weasel out of it. I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be extremely challenging, and I really want to come out on the other side of them feeling triumphant.

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