Secret Pop

Feb 22, 2002


I'm so fortunate to have friends who like interesting things and know stuff. I'm so happy to have someone to watch After the Fox with me and say the lines along with the movie, just like I do. And someone kind enough to bring me a bottle of merlot. How lucky I am. I have stumbled on some wonderful things. Foundling friends I treasure. Perhaps because they are that certain brand of serendipity that you can't create or keep. And there is something happily organic about meeting people out in the world for no good reason. It's rarer than it should be.

I didn't do enough work last night. And that's the truth. But I felt fatigue on me like a coat made of ultra-dense lead. And there was a 1960s Walt Disney World Orlando program on the Disney Channel. I was powerless to resist it.

Satisfaction among the doldrums. It's still satisfaction, isn't it?

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