Secret Pop

Feb 23, 2002

Show Time

Two fun shows at the theater tonight. I won Do Do Ron Ron, and apparently that made me the hero of a group of high school or college age girls who insisted on calling me out of the theater after the show so they could tell me how cool I was. All on account of my rhyming skills. Which are actually not as sharp as they may have seemed tonight. I often suck at the rhyming games. Just not tonight. And then one young lad turned the expected high five into a somewhat extended holding of my hand as he passed by. I felt just slightly popular tonight, and I didn't mind it.

The drive down was hellish. I arrived tired and stiff and achey and not at all looking forward to performing. But having the shows go well is a nice boost. And being surrounded by friends and people I like and who give the appearance of liking me is no kick in the teeth either.

I'm tired now. I hope that means that I will find restful slumber. I hope I will dream something fun and exciting. And I hope I will forget it as soon as I wake up. I just want to pass through it. Harvest the enjoyment and then forget it. This seems to be a significant tenet of my life philosophy at the moment. Although it seldom works.

I bought too many baked goods at the Asian market tonight. I went in starving. That's not smart. I'm sure my mother will enjoy scolding me about it tomorrow.

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