Secret Pop

Feb 13, 2002


Too late to belabor the issue of Chinese New Year. Or Mardi Gras, for that matter. Too late to wisely eat the things that are prone to bring good fortune in the coming year. But I've eaten many things on Chinese New Years past and have seen little change in the fortune quotient. Having a flaming drink at the Twin Dragon, I saw Ed O'Ross enjoying a nice Chinese dinner. Good for him. I didn't see what he ordered, so I can't confidently applaud his choices. But I'll bet he was eating something interesting. I was not inconspicuous in my taking note of him. I always feel a bit like a rube when a celebrity catches me experiencing recognition, but I was half tempted to go over and make a nuisance of myself. It would have made for a memorable evening.

Instead, memories were just as deftly made with my first visit to Jumbo's Clown Room. The rumors are true. It isn't "faux dive." But it is its own brand of cool. I was glad to have gone.

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