Secret Pop

Feb 3, 2002

Another day, another stamp on the hand

So, now I've been to the Roxy. And to see the amazing Jonatha Brooke, no less. Smashing. Really. I loved it. There's something unique about her. She's one of those artists who seems to say what I would want to be saying. I can recognize the sentiments she expresses as my own. It makes for a very personal experience. And she's such a dynamo. I loved her performance. The way she seemed to be enjoying it so much. And how her facial expressions and smiles and eye movements seemed to be flirting with the audience. And for her first encore, she did -- unequivocally -- the sexiest rendition of You Really Got Me I have ever seen or heard. I can thank NPR for introducing me to her. But I suppose I'd have to thank her for being so earth-shatteringly excellent. Buy Steady Pull. Now.

Then I got back to my car to find that a Volvo had used my rear bumper as a guide for when to stop moving forward while parking. I left a note and took pictures. The whole shebang. Mary Forrest. Ace gumshoe. On the case.

For toppers, as I was leaving Mel's, after eating a roast beef sandwich whose roast beef was only slightly less sturdy than shoe leather, I stood aside at the door as a group of three people walked in past me, one of whom was Ron Jeremy. Now I can say I have made eye contact with Ron Jeremy. And that I have eaten more than once at Mel's. There.

Earlier in the day, I had a nice day of lunch and shopping with Karen. I took this photo outside of Hugo's. The signs read "Shakespeare Society of America."

I got all of three hours of sleep last night. I am so very hopeful that I will be able to up the average with tonight's endeavors.

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