Secret Pop

Feb 23, 2005

String him up by his rainbow suspenders. And also slit his throat, just in case.

I just caught some of Real Time with Bill Maher tonight and groaned aloud when I saw that Robin Williams was one of the guests. And rightfully so. He never shut up once. And he never really had much of anything to say. During the New Rules section of the show, he had a little bit of shuffle-off-to-buffalo to add to EVERY SINGLE LINE that was said. He interrupted everything Bill tried to say in his epilogue, even underscoring parts of it with humming and then with muttering in what sounded like German. He kept yakking right into the credits roll. And he has a look on his face that makes you wonder if he's secretly ashamed -- falling prey involuntarily to his own spastic neediness, plaintively and silently crying out in the manner that Linda Blair's stomach skin did in The Exorcist, "Help me. I don't mean to be this much of a human testicle. And also, I am balding."

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