Secret Pop

Feb 10, 2005

Here's where I would be invincible.

Beulah maintains that I could trump everyone on Fear Factor in the contests involving having to eat gross things. On account of because I don't think most of them as gross. I mean, I'm not into the bugs or the rotten cheese, but any of the challenges involving organs are upsetting to me, because I would actually like to eat those things out of both curiosity and hunger. My mom was telling me about an episode she was recently watching where the contestants were opening fortune cookies that told them which "gross" part of the pig they would have to eat. And apparently, nearly no one could do it. And my mom was naming the things that they couldn't eat. Heart. Tongue. Snout. And I was like, "Yum...yum...acceptable." My mom and I both agree that it would be better if they would let us have some salt or soy sauce, but there's no way we would be stymied by that buffet.

I wonder if that's what my mom was watching before we went out to dinner tonight for our private little Chinese New Year celebration. I was doing my hair in the bathroom and I heard her laughing raucously and saying the following to my dog: "Audrey, it's so funny, isn't it? He can't do it!" Followed by more laughter. She's pretty cute and awesome, my mom. And when we went to her favorite Chinese restaurant, we ordered -- among other things -- the pig knuckles. They were on the special holiday menu. Of course. I don't care that people wonder about me in this respect. Although, I have a feeling that it wouldn't be hard to make me feel incredibly ashamed with very little effort. It never is.

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