Secret Pop

Feb 5, 2005

Intermittently, this happens.
I am, yet again, the featured personal ad on another Spring Street Networks partner. This time it's the LA Weekly. An influx of "cyberwinks" (worst nomenclature ever) brought it to my attention that something might be up. A friend brought it to my attention that I was correct. I'm flattered in a way. Although I am tired of the continuing announcement that Mary Forrest is looking for love. That's not necessarily true. I haven't signed on to my account in months. How would you know what I'm looking for. I don't even know half the time.
Right now, what I'm looking for is an eyepatch. It's the last touch to my pirate-themed costume for tonight's bowling alley birthday party for my friend Farrah. But maybe I should just carry a print-out of the LA main page and warn those approaching that I intend to make off with their hearts. A whole fleet of 'em. I couldn't be pleased with anything less.
Mary, hook for a hand

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