Secret Pop

Jun 1, 2003

Dilemma and Dawn and the Inevitable Fade

I took hundreds of pictures in the last twelve hours or so. Hundreds. If I hadn't taxed my digicam battery, there would have been even more. It was an evening riddled with photo opportunities and visual splendor and comical circumstances and titillating glimpses of secretive sessions in dimly lit corners. I have the desire to share a great many of them, but I am bleary-eyed and wasting away.

I liked this picture especially. I thought it might be one of the frames on the Viewmaster reel of me that will never be made. It's a shame. I rather fancy the idea of my life advancing in frames with the depression of a lever. One that makes that slight scraping sound that my red plastic Viewmaster always did.

Fitful dreaming commences in a matter of minutes.

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