Secret Pop

Jun 2, 2003

Barn Dance & Hay Ride

My day was stress-speckled, but I think I managed to set things right. I went shopping for fresh produce and meat, and I made myself a lovely dinner -- something I often lament not making the time to do. There's something about eating prepared foods bought in a store that makes me feel unloved. Also? The lyrics to that song Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? by Bryan Adams and Michael Kamen from the Don Juan de Marco soundtrack indicate that no one has ever really loved me. Isn't that a shame? These are some of the reasons it's important for me to make my own dinner. In addition to the fact that I should enjoy it now while I can -- I don't think they let you handle cutlery when you're locked up in the booby hatch.

I saw Henriette Mantel at Whole Foods. She looked like she had just had her nails done.

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