Secret Pop

Jun 4, 2003

"a weigh-above-average wardrobe"

This advertisement appeared in the September 1948 issue of Calling All Girls Magazine. I was flipping through the issue -- one in a stack -- and I stopped on this page, read for a few moments, and then laughed and said, "Oh, my god!" before running to the scanner. The text of the ad reads as follows:

"Don't worry," comforts your mother. "You'll thin down in a few years." But--who wants to waste precious Teen years, just waiting for pounds to melt off? Much smarter and smoother to wear Chubbette fashions, designed to minimize; sized to fit.

That there was ever actually a brand of fashions called "Chubbette" is a marvel to me. The caption "Photographs by Zogbaum" is only slightly less amusing.

Don't worry. You'll thin down in a few years.

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