Secret Pop

Jun 24, 2003

Kvetching Is a Crappy Business

I prefer not to resort to this sort of thing here, but I am so furious with my web hosting service. My site and email were down for hours and hours, and when they finally became available again, six days' worth of email and web updates were just somehow deleted. Gone from my IMAP folders. Gone from my FTP. And my email and site have been experiencing periodic outages from minute to minute. I can't send mail. I don't know if I received mail. I can't retrieve mail I sent and received this past week. It's almost like having a housefire that burns six days' worth of records and valuables. The smarmy tech support responses I've been receiving don't really help matters any either.

It's bad enough that I have a sore throat and a waning desire to live, isn't it?

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