Secret Pop

Jun 10, 2003

Oh, My Pregnant Head

I have been unable to stop this song from playing over and over in my brain since sometime last night. I even heard it in my dreams. And what dreams.

My errand outing took me past a bookstand beside which a middle-aged fellow was loudly shadow boxing karate-style. In a way I envied him. His assailants may be invisible, but he seems to know where they are. You can't really pull funky jujitsu moves on the silent killer, ennui.

Some of my photographs turned out pleasingly. Others showed me that I've been getting lazy about the use of the camera. I think every other batch has that problem. I get confident when my film comes back great. Then I have to learn the lesson again, that it comes back great only when I know what I'm doing.

I wish I could go somewhere tonight and look at the stars.

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