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May 31, 2003

Mos Burger Reprise

I found this snippet of Mos history online. The grammar is so startlingly incorrect, it's almost an art form. Charge yourself with joy!:

Japanese man who named Satoshi Sakurada founded MOS BURGER in 1972. He was a businessman who worked at a stock office at first, but he changed his mind "If I'll continue with working, I want to do work is said, "Thank you"." So he decided on independence. He remembered he met delicious burger in Los Angeles when he was businessman and he worked in there. It was sold at Tommy's. It was popular because of thick slices of tomato and chili sauce. He studied and studied, and he opened his first store of MOS BURGER in Narimasu in Tokyo.

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dakishimesan said...

hi. you are a beautiful writer. love, me