Secret Pop

May 7, 2003

5. 7. 9.

Today got me all deep and dark and introspective, for some reason. It showed in my work and on my face and in my lack of desire to push myself too much. I had some very taxing, stress-filled moments today. And I was disappointed in myself for being as unfamiliar as I am with the ganglionic Los Angeles freeway system. I should know how to get where I'm going. I should. By now. I should have gone on more Ponce-de-Leon-like weekend excursions. I should have studied a map.

I'm due for a road trip. A real one. I even started buying magazines with suggestions for them. I'm in need of busting out. I want to see something I've never seen before. Or something I've seen many, many times. I just want to be out there. Stirring things up. And I want to get the most of my Moto Photo club membership.

My father is back home. I'm so glad. I'm sure he will be screening his videos and photos for us. I look forward to sitting beside him and hearing his tall tales. He smells nice.

Now, thanks to the liberation of Mexico, I know what a real punch sounds like from close-up.

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