Secret Pop

May 27, 2003

The Nights Are Always So Red

I have this theory that if I keep making more of each day, at some point, a critical barrier will be breached and the world will explode. And it will all be my fault. Me and my constant desire to squeeze the last drop out of a long-dry lemon. This is one of my excuses for not pushing the limits every single moment. I'm looking out for the safety of mankind.

That being said, I spent some of my time these past few days ignoring my debt to society and instead scrambling to make the world explode with the force of my industry. Nothing bad came of it. I have been proved wrong.

I got even more birthday goodness tonight. I am a lucky duck. When I think I make my friends happy, I like everything all the more. And when someone tells me I look pretty -- even when I know it isn't true -- it seems like the bargain of kings.

Little ray of sunshine, signing off.

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