Secret Pop

Oct 5, 2002

Road Rage Reprise

Today, driving south on the 405, I was forced to plod through another bout of ultra-slow traffic. At some point, I realized that the slowing was being caused by a mass of people heading to the Verizon Amphitheater to see Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy Buffett? Who's going to see Jimmy Buffett? I mean really.

Unlike my experience earlier this week, I wasn't feeling so benevolent about the well-being of the people involved. I distinctly heard myself think, "Jimmy Buffett had better be dead at the front of all of this."

Once the speed picked up again, I passed a man driving an old, brown sedan with no driver's side door on it at all. The driver was jolly, wearing fireman-like yellow coveralls and a red cable-knit sweater. He was smiling the way you would on a parade float. As if he knew that many eyes were on him. And I imagine he was right.

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