Secret Pop

Oct 31, 2002

Dressed as the color blue

There are a lot of reasons to feel sad or to feel trodden upon or to feel unloved and unjustly so. Believe me -- the best costume of all is the one I wear day in and day out as I feign the absence of disappointment.

I didn't get any trick-or-treaters this evening, but if I had, this is how I might have looked to them:

And, having learned my lesson from last year, I didn't bother buying any candy. So, if I had had any trick-or-treaters, I would probably have given them cough drops.

And then I would have said, "Boo!"

And then they would all have come back the next day and covered my home in eggs and mustard. Ingrates. I wish I had given them something really awful, like sugar free candy or bouillon cubes. Ah, well. There's still time to throw sugar free candy and bouillon cubes at the revelers up on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Look out stilt-walkers -- them wrappers is slippery!

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