Secret Pop

Oct 21, 2002

I knew I liked Sean Penn for a reason.

I wish I could have actually seen the ad Sean Penn placed in the Washington Post this past Friday. But I am satisfied to roll around in the hubbub it's created like so much currency or foliage -- luxuriating in it, scooping it up in great handfuls and letting it slip sensually through my fingers -- all in slow motion, of course, and preferably shot from above. I'm glad that successful Hollywood folk are proving that having enough money to do such things doesn't doom one to petty Republican selfishness. I'm glad Sean Penn is looking out for me and you and the innocent citizens of Iraq and the men and women of our armed forces as well as the warmongering profiteers out there. It's nice to see liberalism displaying such equanimity. And it's nice to see actors being more than just that. And eloquently so.

My sister asked me today how long I thought it would be before Madonna and Guy Ritchie split up. I hadn't given it any thought. Still haven't, actually. But I do think it's more likely that, if they do break up, it will be because Guy Ritchie is unable to comprehend how she ever let an enlightened dude like that get away.

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