Secret Pop

Oct 8, 2002

Cartoon Rewards

It's already been a 17 hour day for me. A big, fat, full, productive day. I get in this habit of wanting to break records, though. I'm quite tired, but I catch myself wondering if I should just try and stay up and do more. It's not like it will kill me.

Bugs Bunny at the bull fights reminds me that I love Bugs Bunny all over the place. And I love how the Looney Tunes make use of great works of classical music in their scores. Ravel's Bolero and Rossini's Il Barbieri di Seviglia create pictures in my head that I'm sure the composers never intended. Carl Stalling is my hero.

I am comforted by the consistency of Bugs Bunny always winning. You never see Bugs changing jobs or considering going on anti-depressants or worrying about paying his rent. That dude never breaks a sweat. I like that. Oh, sure, occasionally you catch him in drag, but it's only for the sake of putting one over on Elmer or Daffy or Yosemite Sam. He's not REALLY confused in that way.

I just had this thought: "Who cares what I think?"

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