Secret Pop

Oct 6, 2002

Advance the Shears!

Everyone is getting haircuts. It's making me want to be a copycat. I haven't had a proper haircut for so long. And I'm tired of sitting on my hairstyle. That seems like overkill. And I mean that quite literally. My hair is long enough to be sat upon.

I remember when I cut my hair from extra long to extra short one summer before starting at a new school (one where I had to wear a snappy little Catholic schoolgirl uniform, no less), and I had collected this heap of fashion mag clippings. Mostly of Isabella Rossellini. And this blonde model named Deirdre something who used to do the ads for Free Hold mousse before they made it smell bad. I wanted my hair short short short. And I got it. And everything in-between.

I think I'm done with being attached to record-setting and superlative-gathering. Welcome to the age of self-reinvention...

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