Secret Pop

Oct 11, 2002

"Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown? Jolly old town!"

I always marvel at how little actually happens in retrospect. When I've just come home from what seems like the capper to a full day, I take stock and scowl over the fact that I got so little done. Today, I actually placed tick marks next to quite a few list items. Including get a haircut, edit a holiday catalog, tidy up, have a few slingchis, and cruise around in an almost embarrassingly decadent SUV. I can even claim the icing of having made a minor fool of myself at the salon when I came out of the changing room wearing someone else's blouse instead of the provided smock. And all on three hours of sleep. An accomplishment extravaganza for some, to be sure. And yet, there's something still churning in me. A desire to do more. A near refusal to give in to sleep until I am spent from mastery and bleary-eyed from genius.

But who am I kidding.

Life could not better be. No sirrah sirrah sirree.

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