Secret Pop

Jan 9, 2002

"It stinks!"

A stranger happened upon my web site and took the time to write me a kind email, announcing that he liked my poetry, and that that was a rare thing. I was flattered, and I responded. And I'm glad. I'm so much in need of substantive appraisal these days. It is as if I cannot see myself at all. Except in reflection. Who am I, anyway.

He sent me some of his own poetry. It was good. And far more skillful than my own. I am appreciative of praise and criticism. Especially when it comes from someone who would know.

I have been sick this past week. Perhaps I can measure my circle of friends by the number who knew of my sickness and cared enough to offer sympathy and soup. The circumference is not as large as I might once have claimed. But not so small that I don't still fit inside.

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