Secret Pop

Jan 29, 2002

"England's not so bad. I'll learn to be grateful for what I've got."

What I wouldn't give to be in England right now. As much as I am nearly struck dumb each day by the beauty of Southern California from six floors up, I also yearn for what lurks across the pond. At one point in the past year or so, it seemed that Los Angeles was sucking all of my friends away like a giant vacuum. So, now, I'm here. And suddenly England has to jump on the bandwagon. I can only be grateful that the electricity is delivered differently there, so maybe the sucking forces won't be so powerful. Although if PAL's superiority to NTSC is any measure of the British mastery of technical things, I may be in trouble. Someone over there eat something British for me today, will you? I'm feeling left out.

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