Secret Pop

Jan 26, 2002

Everything smells of onion

Today wasn't the rewarding time with family I had hoped. But I'm glad we took my dad to D.Z. Akins so he could eat nostalgia-inducing menu choices and plan to squeeze a nap into his afternoon. Time with him is the most precious thing in the world to me.

I spent a lot of time at the mall today with Sarah. I was quite enthusiastic at first, but then I quickly became worn out. The shopping. The standing. The trying things on. The waiting. The opinion-giving. The opinion-getting. The drastic climate changes. All very taxing. It is unlike me to run out of steam so soon. It is unlike me to be displeased with so much of what I try on. I'll need to revisit these things next time I shop and determine whether it was an isolated incident.

I didn't feel at all pretty today.

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