Secret Pop

Jan 24, 2002

Bathed in blushing red

Tonight, through happy circumstances and good follow-up behavior on my part, I managed to see Josh finally, for the first time since our old sad days at together. And it was excellent. Thoroughly. Dinner at Bossanova. And a mellow scene at his magazine's club night in Santa Monica. Finally a venue with lighting moody enough to warrant breaking out the Lomo. I'm optimistic about the shots I took. They will be dim and red, if nothing else.

It's good to catch up with old friends. It's good to tell stories and divulge secret fears and wants. It's good to drink Boddington's and to eat fried plantains. And when you're with a good friend with an interesting and engaging presence, you never seem to be caught up, do you? There's always more to tell. A detail that may have been overlooked. An anecdote worth rekindling. I appreciate Josh, and I am proud and grateful to have friends who are talented and inspired and motivated to greatness. It makes me want to wake up earlier in the morning.

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