Secret Pop

Jan 14, 2002

Exhaustion feels a great deal like depression. Or lime disease.

I have no business complaining about being tired and unmotivated today since I was out until well after 4 A.M. and didn't actually tuck in and go to sleep until nearly 5:30. Somehow, that doesn't stop me from complaining. Or from making further plans tonight. I've never believed that one can catch up on lost sleep. So, I'll just seek out the sweet solace of a Red Bull and keep plugging away. Otherwise, it will have been another week where I accomplished nothing.

I was quite dismayed to acknowledge that I spent the first two weeks of 2002 sick and nearly bed-ridden. What an unfortunate and unsatisfying way to kick off what will surely be the best year of my life. It has no business being anything but.

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