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Sep 10, 2001

You Can't Judge a Book by Its CD Collection

Someone wrote to me a few days ago alerting me to the fact that I "should buy some better CD's...even your REM selection is crappy." This helpful suggestion prompted me to feel suddenly self-conscious about what my online CD list says about me.

Well, for one thing, it says that I am somewhat on the lousier side of lousy when it comes to updating the damn thing, as I have purchased somewhere on the order of 100-200 CDs whose titles have never shown themselves on the list, only because I get swamped and because I designed the HTML document naively, and it is now huge and unwieldy and a monstrous pain to edit. I have recently acquired a much-needed copy of BBEdit and will get to the task of packetizing my content and hopefully updating it in the process.

But, all in all, I was surprised to get the email. I will readily admit there are a lot of groaners in my collection, but I don't think the collection assessed in the gestalt view is wholly embarrassing. And I have more R.E.M. on vinyl. So there.

Before I leave the frame, I think I want the world to know that I am more -- if only slightly -- than what my web site portrays. There are still secrets lurking and layers unrevealed. And there are yet many more CDs to buy. It would be nice to be loved and admired and appreciated and applauded. But in the absence of that, it would be jim dandy to just be left alone.

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