Secret Pop

Sep 5, 2001

Ursula Andress Pants

I wore a new pair of jeans tonight. They ride very low on the hips and have wide belt loops, through which I threaded a men's belt I recently purchased. They have the effect of that sort of late '60s pants and skirt look which might have been worn by Raquel Welch at some point. I think the image that comes to mind for me is Ursula Andress on the beach in "Dr. No." If I'm not mistaken she was wearing a white bikini with just such a belt and hip placement. The real crime of it all is the fact that so few people ever got to see me in my keen new pants. Working from home has cursed me to a life of scrambling to have evening obligations for which to shower and make pretty. Fortunately for me, I have these sorts of obligations nearly every night. Even so, I may only leave my apartment for two or three hours and only manage to parade my stuff before a gang of folks who endeavors not to give a damn what I wear before heading back to my nest, wherein reside so many more fabulous outfits that may never provoke Tex Avery-esque sound effects or cause minor traffic incidents. Tis a pity. Truly.

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