Secret Pop

Sep 18, 2001

I'm in love with David Letterman.

I watched Dave's return to the air tonight and was so moved by his sincere words and his obvious emotion. He is truly one of a kind. I know I'm not in some exclusive club, appreciating his talent and his professionalism and his limitless class, but I felt very close to Dave tonight. I felt like I was right there with him. And he never made a misstep. It was brilliant to watch and a relief, in a way, to see someone who entertains be able to be so completely real.

In other news, I feel as if I have been throwing myself headlong into a wall for some time now. And as fruitless as it continues to be, I haven't been able to convince myself to let the dance slow and the head-smashing abate. I want wisdom. I want peace. In my life and in the world around me. I am tired of allowing myself to feel like less than I am.

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