Secret Pop

Sep 6, 2001

"Dear Penthouse Forum,
     Who would have believed it could happen to me..."

Martìn and I were leaving Costco the other day. He was carrying a box of desserts for me and managed to graze the side of my breast with his elbow. I said, "Martìn, you touched my boob." And after the perfect amount of time had elapsed, he said, "Dear Penthouse Forum..." I thought that was brilliantly funny and worth retelling, which I did liberally that evening at a party I went to. I think the impact of the joke was somewhat overshadowed, though, by the near frenzied reception the container of cream puffs I brought received. I'm surprised no one was trampled or killed. I've been spreading the word about those cream puffs for years now. Hoping -- always hoping -- that I, too, would be loved like those sweet, creamy, bite-sized confections...

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