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Sep 15, 2001

Prelude to a Roadtrip

Jenny and I went out for dinner at Trattoria La Strada (cute waiter -- super cute) and ended up at the Bitter End, where we met a crew of fellas who spent the rest of the night buying us drinks and trying to outwit us in that way that guys on the make do. There was a software guy, a sheriff, an astronaut (aspiring), an advertising guy, and some bank person. They would all be very hurt if I were to compare them to the Village People, but how can I not?

All in all? Great fun. And I ended up being invited to accompany six near strangers to Las Vegas for someone's birthday. It appears that it will be the weekend that I need to be moving to Los Angeles, so who knows whether anything will come of it. But it's nice to have the opportunity to RSVP for such a thing. It turns out there's a monstrous amount of fun to be had. All one need do is poke one's head out the door for a stretch.

Oh, and this moving to Los Angeles business? I can't really put my finger on how I feel about it. There is a massive amount of nervous energy churning around inside me. It's sort of a cocktail of fear and excitement, dread and thrill. I received the call in response to my counter whilst shopping at Shake Rag. I was admiring a nifty vintage make-up travel case when my cell phone rang, and I had to emerge from the basement and turn up topside in order to get sufficient signal to say that I was very happy to get the call and was certain that the terms would be acceptable. And all of a sudden, my future changed. Just like that. It's funny how sudden such things can be. In an instant, I crossed that sliver of a bridge from the fearsome freedom of freelance work to the massive expectation of a corporate engagement. I wonder what I will make of all of this. One can hope that it will be something wonderful. A tasty cake of some sort.

Did I mention the waiter was cute cute cute? And I had a delicious (albeit very green) risotto that I would have been able to eat much more of had I not been ever so conscious of how perfectly my jeans were fitting.

Tonight, I also bought Jenny her first (and second) dirty martini. She seemed to like it very much. I may have started something...

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