Secret Pop

Sep 9, 2001

The Fiery Displeasure of a Shut-In

So, some plans fell through today, but there were at least four other possible plans to take on -- at least two of which might have been a great deal of fun. But I managed to avoid fun entirely. Yes, I'm overtired from days on end of too little sleep, too little food, and too much high-school level discourse about who one would do if there were no consequences to be had. Yes, I had work to do -- work that pays real money and cannot be shirked. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to have been able to take a brief nap. But I still feel that ick that comes from looking through the blinds to find a grey and colorless world outside and looking into the next few hours of my evening to wonder if they will be charged with apathy or intrigue or both. So, off I go into said evening. A phone call beckons me to leave, and leave I shall. But first I shall go put on some pants.

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