Secret Pop

Sep 10, 2001

The Offer Letter Cometh

I came home late tonight to find my answering machine heavy-laden with five messages, the first of which was one that stopped my heart. This job I've been pursuing in L.A. is apparently mine for the taking. An offer letter will arrive sometime on the morrow. And I don't know whether I will accept it or decline it. I don't know whether it will make me fabulously wealthy or nobly povertous. But what I had set my sights on was getting the offer, and it appears that I have done that and mightily.

I wish I could utter something very profound, as I am feeling a huge mix of things at the moment, but my day's nourishment consisted of two bloody marys and the two olives that came in them. So my typing suffers along with my wit. But I know that tonight, if I sleep fitfully, it will be because I am balanced on the precipice of a new adventure, and I am giddy at the prospect of it. I have had my share of new things this past year. But here, at last, is something I want. Good for me.

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