Secret Pop

Sep 10, 2001

Shut-In Escapes. Fatigue Ensues.

Okay, so I'm glad I got to leave my apartment, and I'm pleased as punch that I got to wear a new pair of jeans out into the night air. But I really hate finishing up my work after 2 A.M. As trade-offs go, I think this is a poor one. Of course, I could have managed my time better this weekend, but where's the fun in that? I'm just glad I'm done with what I needed to do and that a nice bed with clean sheets on beckons to me. But the chaos begins anew in only a few hours. And I am already feeling a bit harried by all the obligations the coming week holds for me. When I actually worked in an office, it seemed that my desk calendar would go uninscribed for days at a time. Not so, the life of the freelance writer/aspiring musician/technically professional comedienne/perpetual job-seeker/vigilant friend/loyal daughter/dedicated sister/enthusiastic cousin/reluctant Internet personality. My only fear is that vitamins alone will not be sufficient to keep my hair from greying, my eyes from clouding, my lips from chapping, and my head from popping clean off. I need a new set of rules.

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