Secret Pop

Jan 17, 2003

When you're chewing on life's gristle

I got a lovely glimpse of the airport today. Airports are places of wonder for me. They always have been. There's something very grand about them. And the possibilities they embody. Control towers and jetways and flashy lights and everything. Airports are nearly always brimming with people who are coming and going. I enjoy being a part of that crowd.

I shouldn't be as tired as I am. That much is true. I hope that the remaining hours will find a formula to either fix or justify that.

As bright and beautiful as it was today, there was a blue cast to things. Maybe it's just something about Fridays. And maybe I'm the only one who feels it. I dislike the calendar, in that. I dislike the notion of things lived in a circle. Having a favorite day of the week. Or always getting the same sense of dread towards the end of your Sunday. Or always getting the same sense of relief on a Friday night. I remember being caught in that circle. With television shows I looked forward to and deadlines that always came on the same day. I remember carrying that millstone. I'm still as much a prisoner in it today, I suppose. But I try and choose calendars that distract me from it. There's a Vespa eternal calendar on my wall and a little Sof'Boy pull away calendar on my desk. And then there's my Taschen desk calendar. This year, it's those Gil Elvgren Pin-Ups. As it was in 1997, the first year I began using Taschen desk calendars. See? It all goes in a circle. No matter what you do. Blast.

We Chinese rather like the gristle, actually. That's less surprising than it should be.

Keep them laughing as you go...

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