Secret Pop

Jan 26, 2003

Ciao, Tiger Lily.

The other day, I was filling out one of those questionnaires my friends send me from time to time. On one line, it asked what inspires me, and I started going through this list of the usual things. Music. Art. Beauty. Twilight. Sense memory. A perfect sandwich. But I realized it was all crap. The things that inspire me most are love and pain, which are really just two sides of the same hand slapping you.

I have been inspired by others. When I have loved them and wanted their applause more than all the acclaim in the world. I have devised wonders in the hopes of provoking a smile or a kiss or an appreciative embrace. The kind that says, "Oh, you!" There are people who have managed to pull wonders out of me. I hope the same will be said of me one day by someone who counts.

There is a weight in my head. It has been following me for days.

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