Secret Pop

Jan 6, 2003

"All shall love me, and despair."

I've been immersed in The Fellowship of the Ring nearly all day. I watched a patch of it on a pay channel. Then, I put the special extended DVD in and sat down in front of it, fully planning to avoid my work and have a sandwich and make a few hours fall away. But I got distracted, and then it was onto the second disc, and I hadn't even really watched it. So I put the second disc in, but I soon ended it. The shorter version was playing on television again, so I let it play. And I worked. And the wind blew. So tempestuous a wind that my kitchen windows kept rattling open. And the fire's flames are drawn up the chimney magnificently. Drawn up up up by the thirsty wind. When the film was over, some crap film came on, and I couldn't bear it, so I put the special edition in. Again. From the beginning. And I worked. And it played. And eventually, I satisfied myself that I could sit in front of the fire and watch without guilt or shame. So I did. I'm still watching it. One side of me is nearly scorched from the flames. The other side is slightly less warm. And still the wind blows. Whistling through the window glass. Hurling things about in the street. Rattling anything it can. I appreciate the safety of inside.

Big continuity error in Boromir's night of a million arrows scene, by the way. Watch out for me, Hollywood. I always notice. The most common one: Plates of food that rotate their contents every time the camera cuts away. Smartypants? I am the smartest pants in town.

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