Secret Pop

Jan 15, 2003

Gentle Prodding

The promos for Bill Maher's upcoming HBO special are particularly clever, if you ask me. Clever enough to make me sit for a moment, and then decide to get up and go to my computer and make a note of it. I like it when things are good.

I also like it when I find myself wearing a pair of jeans that fits so favorably as to keep me wanting to catch reflections of my backside throughout the day. Such was the case with today's jeans. If only jeans were an appreciable currency. I'd be so very rich.

I took a great many pictures today. When the light's right and everything comes together, I set the digital camera loose and offer praises to heaven that digital photography is free. The picture I am posting is not one of the many from the daylight hours. I took it in the evening. This setting on the camera makes me look kind of like a yam with yarn for hair. But I'm okay with it.

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