Secret Pop

Jan 4, 2003

Get down.

It's getting on that dusky hour when I would have had ideas and images dancing in my head if I were near a west-facing window. In the immediate, my urgency is wrought of the need for fireplace fodder and something to look forward to. I thought about meals I haven't made in so, so long. I wondered if it would be worth all the effort to cook something spectacular for just me. No. In the end, I suppose it isn't. I never feel very much like eating what I've made. To serve. That is my wish.

Thoughts spark in the electromagnetic soup. They pop into your brain of a sudden. They assault you. Or tickle you. They invade. Is it such a wonder that it might occur in tandem? That two thoughts -- in many ways the same -- might burst from the ether simultaneously but in two different places? This is just a wordy way of asking, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Are you ever? Does it ever make sense to believe in likemindedness? Can it be sustained? Should it?

I'm very questiony today. Recently. I'm taking inventory.

Sometimes, I think I like myself better when I'm smiling.

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