Secret Pop

Jul 25, 2002

"What time is it, Miho?" "It's the Time of Love."

Smokey and Miho at Spaceland -- a nice surprise. Japanese girl sings Portuguese lyrics. Beck and Johnny Marr stand and watch. Close enough for me to have said hello. Also close enough for me be left aghast at how impossibly short they both are. Musical brilliance stunts one's growth. Clearly. Guys in Brazilian soccer jerseys talk too loud. Rude guy and his date cause me to forfeit my seat at the Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table. I'm tired from getting lost and suffering piercing back pain and not wanting to get back to reality and not thinking I should have had that last beer. I bought the CD. If I'd had more cash, I would have bought the shirt and the Slowrider CD, too. Live music is good for me. It also makes me want to be a rock star. All the bottled water you can drink!

Miho Hatori

200 Points

I had to laugh when Miho noted that a songwriter's work was "fucking kick ass." Her accent reminds me of ice cream cones at Dipper Dan's on the way to and from the train station in Yokosuka. I'm going to buy me a little Japanese schoolgirl outfit and prove to the world that I can't pull that look off.

Oh, and the guy who checked my I.D. complimented my hair. He described it as "ferocious." That's a new one.

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